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Title: Jellycat - Seasoned Rogue
Post by: Snodog00 on June 24, 2015, 07:05PM
General Information

    * Character Name:  Jellycat
    * Character Class:  Rogue


    * Are there any references within The Valiant that can vouch for you? If so, please list them.
                       No real friends, but I did talk to Windfuri about joining.  He knows my story.

Interests: High/Medium/Low

    * Raid Interest:   High
    * PvP Interest:   Medium > Low

Character questions:

    * Internet connection/speed?     
                   16mb / sec

    * We raid Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday 7-11pm, can you make all of these days?

    * To be considered a raider, you’re required to make 90% of the raids; can you do that?   

    * Do you have alts that you play on a regular basis? If so, please list them:
                           Stormtrooper - 100 Elemental/Resto Shaman (Horde Side); I use this character for playing with friends on the horde side only.

    * Please give us a link to your current WoW Armory, and notate if you have different gear sets for different situations.
                                                         (This is after a minimal effort to gear myself, I've been gearing since BC, I can be ready to raid within a week.)

    * If available, please provide a link to your most recent raid parse to give us an example of your performance.
                                     I do not have a current parse of a reliable raid.

    * Please provide a screenshot of your current UI, we find those that have cluttered UI's have a higher chance of those that cannot move out of the fire.
                                    I do not have a raid UI screenshot but here is a labeled one, this has DBM as well.

Past History:

    * List previous raid experience/history:
              Start to Finish:  Kara > SSC >BT > (quit for Sunwell) > Naxx > Malagos > Sarth > Ulduar > ToC > ICC > (quit for Cata) > Mogu'shan > Klaxxi > Throne > Siege > Highmaul > Foundry.

              I have done all raids, these are progression only.

    * List previous guilds, time in them, and reason for leaving:
               Bastion of Chaos - 10 man progression into SSC - Guild quit raiding.
               Saints and Sinners - 25 man progression into BT - Quit playing.
               Bastion of Chaos (reformed for Wrath) - 10 man progression from Nax through Ulduar - Guild quit raiding.
               Devils Advocate - 25 man progression through Wrath - Quit playing for Cata.
               Scarlet Warriors - 10 and 25 man progression from Mogu'shan to Siege - Quit after drama.
                    (no current progression guilds for Warlords, raid finder only.)

    * List any Gnomes you have punted recently (double points for Mages):
               Halfpint - Warrior (old Bastion of Chaos guild leader)
               Abynormal - Warlock (do warlocks still count?)
Title: Re: Jellycat - Seasoned Rogue
Post by: Snodog00 on June 24, 2015, 07:28PM
I just want to add my other alts that I dont really play anymore but can level and gear them quickly enough if need be.

Ironthighs - 93 warrior (This was my main up to Warlords)
Terrande - 92 priest (Seasoned through Wrath)
Giblitz - 92 mage (Never a real raider but leveled in MoP)
Title: Re: Jellycat - Seasoned Rogue
Post by: Snodog00 on June 25, 2015, 04:11AM
Just want to update, I've geared to 650.
Title: Re: Jellycat - Seasoned Rogue
Post by: Windfuri on June 26, 2015, 02:12PM
Which of your two combat specs is your raiding spec? Also, are you open to learning another spec if needed?
Title: Re: Jellycat - Seasoned Rogue
Post by: Snodog00 on June 30, 2015, 07:12PM
I know all specs, I like playing Combat, and the first one is my raiding spec.  I don't mind playing other spec's at all, just prefer combat.  Was assassination and sub in MoP.
Title: Re: Jellycat - Seasoned Rogue
Post by: Windfuri on July 01, 2015, 03:01PM
I'm guessing from the ilvl of the gear that you've got, you're holding out on enchanting gear until you've got items that are likely to last you a while. When you do enchant your gear, which enchants do you plan to use? Also, do you plan to try to gear purely for combat, or in such a way as to more easily switch specs if needed (if so, how?)?

First, have you considered combo'ing Shadow Focus with your Glyph of Disappearance? An almost free ambush at the beginning and every minute into a fight seems pretty nice. Is there any particular reason you decided to take Burst of Speed instead of Shadowstep, or Leeching Poison instead of either Cheat Death or Elusiveness? Also, you might want to consider using Marked for Death for boss fights with multiple targets or AoE. Additionally, have you considered using Venom Rush instead of Shadow Reflection due to Combat's high reliance on Energy generation?

Additional Questions
Can you state both the single target and multiple target rotations for me?

What resources do you use for researching how to gear/perform your best as a rogue?
Title: Re: Jellycat - Seasoned Rogue
Post by: Snodog00 on July 01, 2015, 07:24PM
Yeah, I hate blowing money on enchants especially if I'm not in a solid raiding guild.  If I was accepted, I would pretty much enchant everything I could in order to pump out as much dps as possible.

As for WHAT enchantments I use; pretty much follow that to a T unless I'm notified that something is better. 

If you want me another spec, I can start gearing for it, I will usually go for assassination gear in places that I don't need any Combat gear from.

I took Nightstalker for utility as I don't hard core raid.  If I did, I would change it to either of the others as one gives a .1% dps increase and the other a .5% increase.

I didnt take burst of speed, I use Shadowstep :P

Leaching poison seemed to be the lesser of two evils in that tier specifically because I'm not raiding. 

Honestly, I havent tried Venom Rush, I think ill switch it now and see how it goes.

Single target DPS rotation:  Open with an Ambush > Revealing Strike > Sinister Strike to 5 combo > Slice and Dice > (if up) Adrenaline Rush + Shadow Reflection > Sinister strike to 5 combo > Eviscerate (repeat until AR and SR end) > at this time you should have to reapply Revealing and Slice and Dice > as long as Revealing and SnD are up sinister strike to 5 combo Eviscerates >  Vanish and Ambush again on cooldown. 

2 Target rotation:  Replace Eviscerate with Crimson Tempest

3+ Target rotation: Activate Blade Flurry > Ambush > Revealing > Sinister to 5 > SnD > Killing Spree > Once Killing Spree ends use Adrenalin rush > Sinister to 5 > Crimson Tempest > Sinister to 5 > If crimson tempest is still up, 5 point Eviscerate, if CT is down reapply > Sinister Strike to 5 combo and repeat. 

I use Icy - Veins and AskMrRobot.  Also I'm not above taking advice from people, it's always welcome.
Title: Re: Jellycat - Seasoned Rogue
Post by: Windfuri on July 08, 2015, 02:09PM
Okay, Jellycat, I've got the okay to bring you in for a trial run next Tuesday night! Just a reminder, we raid from 7pm to 11pm server time. Please make sure to have consumables such as Food, Potions, and Flasks. And while we will be comparing your DPS to other rogues of similar gear level, please show us how aware/knowledgeable you are of encounter mechanics and your surroundings. The only bosses we haven't killed yet are Tyrant Velhari, Mannoroth, and Archimonde.
Title: Re: Jellycat - Seasoned Rogue
Post by: Snodog00 on July 13, 2015, 08:56PM
Sorry for the late reply, will be there ready to raid.
Title: Re: Jellycat - Seasoned Rogue
Post by: Windfuri on July 14, 2015, 02:50PM
Just to keep you updated, at the time I posted about bringing you in for a trial run tonight, we were set to clear normal. Since then, however, we've progressed enough in normal to the point that we're starting heroic tonight. I don't actually know what this means for your trial run and will try to find out for you prior to tonight's raid.