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Author Topic: WoD Recruitment Status- Dec 2014  (Read 50753 times)


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WoD Recruitment Status- Dec 2014
« on: July 25, 2012, 12:12PM »
We're focusing on Mythic raiding as a 20 person group, while running with 30 people in Heroic to allow overlap in key slots, and allowing the raid group flexibility during specific encounters.

All experienced / exceptional players interested in raiding are encouraged to apply even if they are a low need class / role. If you are a talented player we can always find room.

Raid times:
Tuesday ~7-11pm PST
Thursday ~7-11pm PST
Monday ~7-11pm PST - overflow day, used if needed.  Potential Normal/Heroic Raid Day

Raid starts at 7pm, invites go out at ~6:45pm.

Requirements: Previous Raid Experience, a good internet connection, Deadly Boss Mods/BigWigs, and we use Mumble for our voice chat, no mike needed, but you are required to log in for all of the raids.  You have to be able to move out of fire.

Consumables: Bring your own Flasks, and food(though we should have feasts), the guild pays for all repair bills.

Loot Distribution: We run a standard DKP system, points awarded per boss kill, points awarded if you’re sitting on the wait list, we do not run a zero sum system. Any off spec loot is "free".  Each "Tier" has a separate DKP system, everyone starts at 0 for the new Tiers.

Attendance: We expect a 90%+ raid attendance record to have a full time raid slot. We rarely swap classes for specific encounters, but will swap people in and out based upon boss drops.

History: Our guild was established 11-24-2004, we are one of the oldest, if not the oldest raid guild on the server.  Most people have 2-4 high level alts, and have a high level understanding of their class mechanics. A good majority of the raiders have been here since the days of Blackwing Lair, with close to a dozen remaining from the Molten Core days. We’re a guild of mostly the 25+ age bracket, as well as an amount of the 30+ age bracket. We’re a fairly mature group of people who like to have fun, and progress through the game.

Please speak with the following officers:

Austin - GM/Caster lead
Onikuma - Tank Lead
Darmuth - Healer Lead
Solemn/Sellidor - Sleepless Lead

Thank you for your time,

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