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Heroic Siege of Orgrimmar
« on: November 19, 2013, 11:01AM »
    As we move in to Heroics, we can't have everyone relying on Austin to tell them what to do right before we pull the fight for the first time. I put this list together to quickly detail the changes from normal to heroic. I will update the list as we move forward, for now these are the 3 bosses we plan on working on this week.


This guy is a joke, provided we all know what we're doing.

Phase 1 Mechanic Changes
  • There is only one additional mechanic in this phase.
  • Roughly once per "up" phase, he casts Swelling Corruption. This will put a stacked buff on the boss. After he gains this buff, each time you attack the boss you reduce his buff count by 1, spawn an add, and gain a stacking debuff on yourself.

Phase 1 Strategy Changes
  • Instead of being spread out around the boss like we do in Normal, everyone except the current tank will be on the same platform.
  • The raid group will be spread out across two platforms with water ways in between, try to not stand in the water ways, as they are used for escape routes to minimize damage going into phase 2
  • When Swelling Corruption comes out, continue to DPS the boss like you normally would, but stop once you get to about 3 stacks and switch to AoE to get the adds down.
  • The tank that is not currently on Immerseus will be picking up all the adds and group them up for AoE.
  • Just like in normal, there is going to be a ton of shit on the ground. Don't stand in it, unless you want to hear Austin's trademarked sigh.
  • Don't get hit by the giant wave of death, or else you will make Zulq cry.

Phase 2 Mechanic Changes
  • Once again, he only gains 1 new ability in this phase.
  • In the center of room, where the boss is normally, there will be a Sha Pool. This pool starts off very small, and does very minimal damage, but as more puddles reach it, it will grow and do more damage if you stand in it.

Phase 2 Strategy Changes
  • So this phase is extremely fucking complicated because of this stupid pool.
  • I'm just kidding, spread out like we normally do on Normal mode and pretend the pool doesn't exist. Seriously. It shrinks back to its original size and damage if someone touches it.
  • Try to save healing cooldowns for the 3rd and 4th time we enter this phase, just like we do for normal mode

TL:DR Immerseus Video (3:03)

The Fallen Protectors

There are only a few core mechanic changes, but many of the mechanics from Normal can actually wipe the raid now, and we need to really focus on them.

Mechanic Changes
  • Corrupted Brew's travel time decreases by .5 Seconds every two casts, resets when Rook is pushed to 66% and 33%
  • The adds in Rook's Desperate measures have a shared health pool
  • Rooks' add Embodied Gloom does a targeted cast that does 300k to its target, and those within 4 yards. This can be interrupted
  • In He's Desperate measures phase, the debuff the Mark of Anguish gives reduces armor by 80%(up from 50%) and lasts for 4 minutes (up from 2)
  • Sun's Calamity does 30% of your health in damage on the first cast, increases by 10% of your health each cast after that, resetting when Sun is pushed to 66% and 33%.
  • Sun's Sha Sear does 300k damage to the targets around you, its an overpowered Mind Sear

Strategy Changes
  • Stack up for Rook's Desperate Measures phase.
  • We need all melee with interrupts on Embodied Gloom. We will have to rotate interrupts to ensure none of these casts go off, as it will wipe us
  • The target of Sha Sear needs to run out of the group
  • During He's desperate measures, we are no longer passing the Mark of Anguish to Onikuma. Instead we will be passing it around to people who have an immunity, IE Ice block, Bubble, etc
  • During Sun's desperate measures, we will be grouping up along the edge of the bubble, to counter act Rooks' Clash ability
  • Use healer cooldowns when the Calamity cast count gets high

All in all, this isn't a difficult fight, many of these mechanics we've seen in normal, we were just able to ignore them.

TL:DR The Fallen Protectors Video (4:12)


Norushen is exactly the same on Heroic as it is on normal, just with highly increased numbers. We will have to be on top of all the mechanics that we occasionally forget about if we plan on killing him.

Mechanic Changes
  • Stuff hits harder

Strategy Changes
  • You know how we yell at you for killing your adds in the trial phase at the same time as someone else on Normal? Do it on Heroic and you'll get the "Worse than Truxx" rank for the rest of the week. In fact, we might actually name it after you.

That's it.

TL:DR Same as Normal mode with higher numbers, don't fail at mechanics.[/list]
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