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Maximus Prot Paladin
« on: June 25, 2015, 09:49PM »
General Information

    * Character Name:Maximus
    * Character Class:Paladin


    * Are there any references within The Valiant that can vouch for you? If so, please list them: Windfuri

Interests: High/Medium/Low

    * Raid Interest:High
    * PvP Interest:Medium

Character questions:

    * Internet connection/speed:150mbps

    * We raid Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday 7-11pm, can you make all of these days:

    * To be considered a raider, you’re required to make 90% of the raids; can you do that:

    * Do you have alts that you play on a regular basis? If so, please list them:

    * Please give us a link to your current WoW Armory, and notate if you have different gear sets for different situations.

    * If available, please provide a link to your most recent raid parse to give us an example of your performance
       Not available

    * Please provide a screenshot of your current UI, we find those that have cluttered UI's have a higher chance of those that cannot move out of the fire.

Past History:

    * List previous raid experience/history: ICC 10/25, BWL 25, BOT 25, Firelands 25, TOES 25, ToT25, SoO 25, HM 20, BRF 20

    * List previous guilds, time in them, and reason for leaving:
       The Valiant(Four Months) : Was kicked from raid team for not giving proper notice of me moving and not showing up for raids for three weeks. The War Council(One Year): I left due to my daughter being born and not being able to make it to there raid times. Land Raiders(6 Months): I left due to poor raid leading.



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Re: Maximus Prot Paladin
« Reply #1 on: June 29, 2015, 07:32PM »
About how long is the application process ?


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Re: Maximus Prot Paladin
« Reply #2 on: July 03, 2015, 12:57PM »
Sorry about not much information Talz, I was a bit slow checking new applicants despite Wind poking me. I'd like if you could work on the new Tanaan Jungle a bit more, get at least 650 in all your gear slots, you are quite behind to be able to hop into the new raid with us right now. Your spec is a bit outdated as well, I will talk to other officers about an invite to help you maybe have somewhere to chat/ask questions but as far as raiding you need to put a bit more work in.

The new zone lets you get 650-655 in all slots with ability to proc 675 or buy a token to make then 695, as well as 705 drops from Supreme Lord Kazzak and the new LFR. Try to flesh out your gear more - remember that the stat priority when looking for upgrades for Prot is Bonus Armor (neck/cloak/rings/trinkets) > Haste > Mastery > Crit/Versatilty/Multistrike. If you go with Empowered Seals you can stop haste at around 1300 to focus more on mastery (it'll be 50% in raid, the "soft cap").

Also glad to see you have a Ret spec, there isn't really a fight in game where you need 3 tanks consistently so very often you'll be an odd-man out and need to dps. We try to rotate who does what but some people prefer one spec to another. We are almost mostly focusing on getting a few classes and Paladin is lower on the priority list.

Anyway - try to talk to an officer next time you're on (Windfuri, Rhivath, Onikuma, Darmuth, Austin) and we can talk more. But right now you need to work on your gear/spec/enchants :)