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Recruitment into your guild!
« on: May 29, 2017, 07:58AM »
Please copy these questions into a new post, and fill out the requested information so that we may review your application.

If you cannot properly type out an application in clearly written English, it will be ignored.

If you feel that there is the need for animosity, please PM me the filled out application and I shall post it in our private forum.

Are you older than 18?  If yes, please proceed with the rest of the application.

You will be a recruit, you are in no way guaranteed any slotting preference.  We will move you in and out on farm encounters, you must earn your raid slot.  Are you OK with this?  If yes, please proceed with the rest of the application.

General Information

    * Character Name: Galidas, BloodLeo, Jazlene
    * Character Class: Demon Hunter, DK, and Druidp


    * Are there any references within The Valiant that can vouch for you? If so, please list them.

Interests: High/Medium/Low

    * Raid Interest: high
    * PvP Interest: Medium

Character questions:

    * Internet connection/speed? 15mps? I believe

    * We raid Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday 7-11pm, can you make all of these days? Yes!

    * To be considered a raider, you’re required to make 90% of the raids; can you do that?  Yes

    * Do you have alts that you play on a regular basis? If so, please list them: yes, listed above.

    * Please give us a link to your current WoW Armory, and notate if you have different gear sets for different situations.
      ATM. I am gearing everyone up as I just came back cuz of legion!
    * If available, please provide a link to your most recent raid parse to give us an example of your performance.


    * Please provide a screenshot of your current UI, we find those that have cluttered UI's have a higher chance of those that cannot move out of the fire.

       I can email you mine. It's BenikUI add on if ElvUi.

Past History:

    * List previous raid experience/history: I've done LK, All of PandaLand Raids, Warlords, and started by on Legions.

    * List previous guilds, time in them, and reason for leaving: I have been in two. I was in one from 2008-2011 and then I quit the game, came back to the guild being gone. Came back in 2014 stayed in Another until just recently, left cuz of a CoGM going on a rampage.

    * List any Gnomes you have punted recently (double points for Mages): Milhouse ManaStorm for one. This one random noobie. Cuz he kept asking for gold. lol