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Wow, so...13 years eh?

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Wow this place is still standing....13 years later.

I'm sure I don't know anyone here, as I was here a long, long time ago, but to show proof that I was here at the very very start, before even a website existed, see the below mail from the original leader of the guild back in '04, General Azarith.

Glad to see the place is still active. I moved on from WoW a long time ago, but was cleaning out my email and wanted to check the link in the mail, and sure enough it brought me here.

Good times, and memories.... Can't believe it was so long ago...

Anyway, um, not really sure what else to say, but good luck and may the valiant stand eternal.


For some reason I thought that I had replied to this...yikes, you predate me.

Oooo I can do one better, got in it when it The Valiant was originally for True Fantasy Live Online, a Xbox game. After that game got cancelled we moved our focus on to this new game that was coming out called World of Warcraft, I'd never heard of it until then.

I'm still around just play Horde on Trollbane and Alliance on Malfurion. Amazed that you guys are still around

My Email screen shot.

I would edit my previous post but can't find the button.

Why don't you come back to WoW, bro? Legion has been fantastic. Hopes up for BfA as well. Anyone knows when BfA alpha is going to go live?


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